SAN FRANCISCO, August 6, 2020Okera today announced its founder and CTO, Nong Li, will be presenting at the virtual MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium (MIT CDOIQ) event later this month. Li’s session, “Securing Data Access at Scale for Modern Data Platforms,” takes place on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 5:20 pm ET / 2:20 pm PT.

“Given an increasingly complex regulatory environment and the growing dependence on at-home workers, data governance and data privacy must be top priorities in any data initiative,” said Li. “As companies seek to gain greater insights by rebuilding their data platforms to eliminate data silos, optimize use of hybrid multi-cloud environments, and ensure high performance, scalability and agility, they must develop a company-wide secure data access strategy. During this MIT CDOIQ session, we will demonstrate how our customers have achieved the right balance between agility and data protection and ensured secure data access at scale.”

Session topics will include:

  • The need for a “protection first” data strategy, especially given the growing and potentially long-lasting dependence on remote workers.
  • The impact on data strategies of increasing regulatory complexity due to GDPR, CCPA and other emerging legislation.
  • How companies can automatically determine what sensitive data exists and where it is despite soaring data volumes.
  • How to implement a company-wide secure data access strategy to ensure only the right employees have access to the right data in the right format.
  • The importance of creating a culture of responsibility and key strategies to ensure success.

Session Details:

  • WHAT: Securing Data Access at Scale for Modern Data Platforms
  • WHO: Okera CTO and founder Nong Li
  • WHEN: Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 5:20 p.m. ET / 2:20 p.m. PT
  • WHERE: Online at MIT CDOIQ
  • HOW: Register on the MIT CDOIQ website

Li co-founded Okera in 2016. Okera provides secure data access at enterprise scale so data teams have the confidence to unlock the power of their data for innovation and growth without compromising data security and governance. He previously led performance engineering for Spark core and SparkSQL at Databricks, and served as the tech lead for the Impala project at Cloudera. Li is also one of the original authors of the Apache Parquet project.

About Okera

Okera provides secure data access at scale so that data teams have the confidence to unlock the power of their data for innovation and growth. By ensuring that appropriate data access controls are in place and meet the evolving data privacy landscape, the Okera Active Data Access Platform can automatically discover and audit data lakes, create access policies using its visual policy engine, and enforce fine-grained access in hybrid and multi-cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. Okera is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, ClearSky Security, and Felicis Ventures. For more information, visit, contact, or connect with the team on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.