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Platform Overview

Okera integrates seamlessly into your data platform to deliver consistent and scalable enforcement of fine-grained access control – in the cloud, on premise, and with cloud-native and legacy tools. Our platform tackles the hardest issues behind enterprise data access, security and governance across distributed environments, enabling you to explore your data’s potential like never before.

Policy Management

Okera’s visual policy builder allows non-technical data stewards to create and manage fine-grained data access policies. These policies are enforced transparently and consistently across all analytics tools at runtime, eliminating the need to store multiple copies of a single dataset. Okera will always choose the most performant mode of enforcement, taking into account the context of the user, the data being requested, and the access control capabilities of the given tool.

Unified Metadata Registry

Modern data platforms contain data from multiple sources and in multiple formats. Okera’s Unified Metadata Registry provides a single source of truth for all technical metadata, with automated discovery and auto-tagging of sensitive data to expedite the process of onboarding datasets to the data lake.

Unified Auditing

Okera captures every action on both data and metadata – from queries to changes in policy – for an audit log that remains consistent across every tool accessing the data lake. A number of built-in reports answer important questions about who is using data and for what purposes, with the ability to drill down for precise, actionable details about specific users.

Analytics & Data Science

Okera supports the full range of analytics and machine learning tools in the modern data platform, with access policies defined in one place and then enforced consistently.

Big Data Compute

Data Science Tools

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BI Tools


Okera supports Big Data file formats, as well as relational databases and data warehouses, both cloud-based or on-premise.

File Formats

File and Object Storage

Relational Databases & Data Warehouses

External Systems

Okera was designed to fully integrate within your enterprise environment, as well as leverage attributes from external systems – user attributes from the identity management system, curated business metadata from an enterprise data catalog – for policy enforcement. The Okera audit log can also be integrated with SIEM tools for real-time systems monitoring and to create alerts in the case of a data breach.

Enterprise Data Catalogs

Identity Management

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SIEM Tools

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