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Okera & AWS

Combining the computing power of AWS with the governance, scalability, and transparency of Okera reduces friction between data consumers and your platform team

Okera & AWS Data Governance & Access


The Okera platform solves one of the biggest challenges with managing a modern, enterprise-scale data platform on AWS: opening up data access for innovation and growth while ensuring full AWS data governance and regulatory compliance.


Okera system integrator partners can use Okera Spotlight for free. Gain visibility into your clients’ data lakes, identify rogue data sets and exposed PII, and understand data access patterns.

Okera and AWS Speeding Data Delivery At Scale

Democratize access to data with Okera and AWS. Okera is a secure data access platform that enables data and analytics leaders to share data with confidence across the enterprise, knowing that data access policies are being enforced for regulatory compliance. Define and manage fine-grained access policies from an intuitive, no-code policy builder, and have them applied consistently across all analytics tools in your environment.

Okera is an AWS Data & Analytics Competency partner with a majority of customers on AWS, where they benefit from integrations with Amazon S3, Redshift, EMR, and Athena. Okera was designed to be deployed in a cloud native environment using AWS EC2 and AWS EKS. For all of these configurations, our preferred base OS is Amazon Linux 2.

Combine the computing power of AWS with the governance, scalability, and transparency of Okera for secure data access to scale your data platform and reduce friction between data consumers and the platform team.

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Okera Platform Features

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Policy Definition

Okera provides a self-service experience for data stewards to create and manage fine-grained data access control policies.

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Policy Enforcement

Okera applies fine-grained data access control policies dynamically and consistently across all analytic tools.

Data Discovery

Okera’s data discovery and technical metadata catalog capabilities give you full and automatic visibility into what data you have and how much of it is sensitive.


Okera answers the important questions about who is using your data and for what purpose, so you can feel confident that least privilege access is followed.

The Latest From Okera

Download this whitepaper to learn best practices for securing your Amazon S3 data lake.
The Okera Active Data Access Platform unifies and manages access for your Amazon S3 data lake consumers across a multi-datastore and multi-tool environment.
Okera helps a Fortune 500 healthcare provider secure its data lake and protect sensitive data.


How Data and Analytics Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

OCT 21, 2020 | 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT


INDRA ROY | VP of Information Technology at Magellan Health

BRIAN MILCH | N.A. Healthcare Lead for the AWS Partner Network

Get started!

If you’re ready to learn more about how Okera can help protect your sensitive data, no matter where it lives or how complex it is : choose from the following options to get started.

Okera Platform on AWS

Using the Okera Platform for access control and governance of an AWS data lake enables faster time-to-insight on new data and accelerated lake adoption.

Scale your data lake with confidence that you can easily enable secure data access across all analytics tools your data consumers may want to use.

Okera Spotlight for AWS

Gain visibility into your data lake by identifying rogue data sets and exposed PII. Okera Spotlight solves some of the biggest challenges with managing an AWS data lake by providing visibility into data usage and access patterns. Available for free for a limited time.

We have select SI partners who can help.

Speak To Our Partner Team

Our AWS Partner Team is committed to helping you (or your clients) maximize the value of your data lake investment by ensuring responsible data access with security and governance at scale.

They would love to discuss your requirements for secure data access on an AWS-based analytics stack.